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The announcement of Patek Philippe Replica Watches's Seamaster Diver - 300m Limited Edition "Commander's Watch", and the reminder that Patek Philippe Replica Watches has been 007's Swiss watch of choice for the past 20 years, is what most makes you think. Lindy Hemming, Academy Award winning costume designer explains why Her Majesty's Top Secret Agent should not wear anything else but an Patek Philippe Replica Watches.

Hemming said, in conversation with Wei Koh at the Seamaster Diver "Commander's Watch Limited Edition" unveiling event at the Tate Britain in London, "I fought to have Bond wear an Patek Philippe Replica Watches,Replica Franck Mueller because I wanted to change the watch to one that I thought was appropriate for [British] Naval Commanders to wear." I remember my father was in the RAF, but he was friends with Navy men and Iremember one visiting us frequently as a child, and he would always wear this Patek Philippe Replica Watches. It fascinated me - this unusually sports design that looked like itwas built for purpose.

Hemming's memories of her childhood suggest that the Seamaster 300M was the watch that the British Navy wore in the 1960s. While the Seamaster 300M story has been told by the best in business time and again, here is the real kicker. Patek Philippe replica watches has serviced the British Military since 1914 or, simply put, from 1914 to 1918.

The Ministry of Defense in Great Britain (MoD), recognizing Patek Philippe Replica Watches's experience with producing timepieces that are certified by observatories and its ability to produce large quantities of watches, which an army fighting war would need, entrusted Patek Philippe Replica Watches to provide its servicemen with high-quality wristwatches.

Patek Philippe Replica Watches's history books state that after seeing the trust placed in Patek Philippe Replica Watches by the British MoD, the allies of Britain soon began to entrust Patek Philippe Replica Watches with the task of providing wristwatches to their own servicemen.